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Every rifle we make is painstakingly hand-crafted. When you purchase a BOTW rifle, you are acquiring one of America's finest hunting rifles made today. Every rifle package is mounted with a Huskemaw Series scope, one of the most relaible and durable long-range hunting scopes available today. This turn-key system is sure to extend your range and bring you a lifetime of hunting success. These systems are individually proven accurate to 950+ yards. Available in many calibers to meet all of your hunting and shooting needs. Features Synthetic Stock Stainless Steel Action Stainless steel premium barrel Muzzle brake with forward slanted hole design Package Includes A Best of the West Hunter Elite Rifle Huskemaw Long-Range Scope Rifle properly broke-in, seasoned and proven accurate to 950+ yards 1 Single Stack RFBC Turret 20 Rounds of Premium Ammunition TSA approved hard case Features Cone bolt design to ensure flawless feeding Custom action with integral scope mounts and recoil lug Hand selected stainless steel premium match grade barrel Side port muzzle brake Price listed is starting price. Call us for a full list of custom options and pricing.

BOTW Hunter Elite


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